Stefano Giuliani
Consultant Neonatal, Paediatric and Adolescent Surgeon

FRCS (Eng), MD (Ita), MD (USA), PhD


Health Insurance and Self Pay.

Mr Giuliani is recognised as a general and specialist Consultant Paediatric Surgeon by all major insurance companies. Please contact your insurance company before your first consultation and for all subsequent visits and investigations or interventions. You will need to obtain a pre authorisation number for each of these episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a referral from my GP?

Most medical insurers request a referral from your GP or other specialist before deciding to cover costs. Please contact your insurer before your first appointment to clarify what your policy requires. If any queries are raised by your insurer, please contact Mr Giuliani’s PAs Mrs Helen Wood and Pat Kennett on +44 (0) 7 854 761 445.

What if I don’t have health insurance (I am self funding)?

If you are not insured, don’t worry. Please ring Mr Giuliani’s PAs Mrs Helen Wood and Pat Kennett on +44 (0) 7 854 761 445 for details on consultation fees. The figures quoted are always guide prices and are based on the information provided by you.

If you are self funding (paying yourself rather than using a health insurer), you may refer your child directly without a GP referral.

I am self funding, when will I have to pay?

Fees for outpatient consultations may be paid at the time of your consultation (by cheque or cash) or in advance by bank transfer (please call Mr Giuliani’s PAs Mrs Helen Wood and Pat Kennett on +44 (0) 7 854 761 445 for details). For surgical procedures, fees are payable to the hospital prior to admission.

Link to An explaination about Medical Fees in the Private Sector


Preparing for Surgery


The Day before Surgery

There are two things you should do the day before your child is scheduled for surgery. First, find out what time your child’s surgery will begin and what time you need to arrive. Second, it is very important for your child to follow the food and drink restrictions outlined below.It is rare but sometime possible that the surgery needs to be cancelled the same day because of clinical reasons or the day before because of other logistic issues with the operative theatre. In these cases we will endeavour to re-book the surgery at a mutually convenient date and time.

Surgery Times May Change

Please note that the scheduled surgery time is our best estimate. Your child’s surgery could be moved earlier or later on the schedule for many reasons. Thank you for being flexible and patient.

Food and Drink Restrictions

Your child may have a full meal up to eight hours before surgery, a light snack (see chart below for suggested items) up to six hours before surgery, breast milk up to four hours before surgery and clear liquids up to two hours before surgery. Clear liquids are those you can see through, such as apple juice, water and Gatorade. The table below summarises these minimum requirements. Because your child’s surgery may be delayed, it is important to encourage your child to continue to take clear liquids up to two hours prior to the estimated start time.


Time before operation/surgery What you can eat. Suggestions of types of food/drink you can eat.
8 Hours before Full meal
6 Hours before Light Snack Milk/Yogurt/Juices//infant milk/pediatric
4 Hours before Breast milk
2 Hours before Clear Liquids Water, Gatorade, clear soda, apple juice etc.

Link to “Fasting Instruction for Children Having Surgery


The Day of Surgery



After completing registration, your child will be seen by a nurse who will check his or her vital signs and review his or her medical history. You will also meet with an anaesthetist who will discuss the plan for your child’s anesthesia. Mr Giuliani will come to talk to you about the operation and to answer all your questions.

After Surgery

Parents will be able to see their child about 10-15 minutes after their child has arrived in the post-operative area. Mr Giuliani will meet with you shortly to discuss operative findings and post-operative management.

Going Home

When your child is ready to go home, we will give you medicine/supplies and instructions for your child’s care at home. A follow up appointment will need to be arranged with Mr Giuliani s PAs Mrs Helen Wood and Pat Kennett on +44 (0) 7 854 761 445.

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